Hun Chansan


Chansan is a registered architect, a member of Board of Architects Cambodia (BAC) and Cambodian Society of Architects (CSA).

Chansan graduated with a Master in Architecture from Northeastern University Boston, Massachusetts and returned to Cambodia in 2009 after spending more than 15 years in Singapore and the United States. His first job in Cambodia is the Faculty Coordinator and lecturer of Architecture and Design at Limkokwing University of Technology Phnom Penh campus. Chansan is also a visiting professor at Pannasastra University School of Architecture and Design in which he shares and inspires about Design and Concept with his students.

Chansan approaches his design process by seeking a storyline to be told to himself, his team of aspiring architects and his clients. He also views design constraint as an opportunity to explore an architectural intervention and as a mean to achieve an unexpected discovery in shaping the built environment.

Since 2011, Chansan established Re-Edge as a continuation of his Master Degree Thesis project called “Re-Edging Retails” where the architectural approach is a dialog between a building and its environment. Since then, Chansan has directed the design completion of many types and scales of numerous projects.