Hun Seng Chanda

Human Resources Manager  & Public Relations

Chanda, an aspiring Cambodian-American graduate from Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts, with  background in Business Administration and Management, Human Resources, and Public Relations.

Now a “returnee” since 2008, she has been involved in various businesses in Phnom Penh, ranging from hospitality, tourism, food & beverage, service, retail, architecture design and media. On the social and educational platform, she has contributed to the development of Cambodia’s next generation youths during her lectures at Limkokwing University and the French NGO Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE).  Her notable activities, gained her distinctions among her peers and she had been featured on Khmer Times publication as the “Woman of Clout” and since being an active member of the Anvaya Association, were voted winner of the Ronovoan Anvaya Award 2015 in “Best Entrepreneur” category.

In all the various industries, Chanda had dedicated herself on fostering positive and creative company cultures, strategic planning and outlooks in the areas of business development, human resources and talent development in coordination with management team to ensure that strategies are aligned with the organization’s goals and operational objectives.

As an inspiring and energetic visionary member of Re-Edge Architecture + Design Co. Ltd, her optimism, social and keen persona is the pivotal element in development of techniques in changing the way people think and work in the industry as well as every day’s  connection and passion with the arts, lifestyle, and staying ahead with today’s ever changing social trends.